Camping holidays in Europe

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For the last few decades, Rent-a-Tent has been providing the most comfortable camping holidays. We provide a diverse selection of campsites in many European countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia. Whether you are traveling with family or a group of friends, everyone will find the perfect vacation with us. At Rent-a-Tent, we offer a wide array of options. Families that are searching for a holiday with lots of activities and programs or those who wish to relax and unwind can both find exactly what they are looking for. Our organization ensures that our campsites offer plenty of things to see and do, both at the campsites and in the surrounding areas. If you book a holiday with Rent-a-Tent, you and your family will be engaged, entertained, and eager to enjoy your next holiday! We also offer smaller and more rural campsites that have an authentic atmosphere. Whatever you are looking for, be it lively tourist spots, charming towns, or to be immersed in nature, our goal is to supply the perfect camping holiday!

Saint Tropez


  • Most popular camping destination in Europe
  • Largest holiday destination in the world
  • Enjoy world famous French cuisine
  • Try the French wine and cheese
  • Wide array of French campsites
Zwembad El Delfin Verde


  • Sun, sea and beaches
  • The Costa Brava coastal region
  • Sparkling seaside villages and dreamy fisher villages
  • Metropolis Barcelona: a must visit
Venetie Italie - ijsje eten


  • Discover the gorgeous waters, such as Lake Garda
  • Beautiful regions like Tuscany
  • Enjoy Italy's finest food and wine
  • Charismatic cities like Rome, Florence and Venice
  • Campsites at the Venezian beaches!
Kinderen spelen Hunzedal

The Netherlands

  • Explore all that the Netherlands has to offer
  • See how a small country can be so diverse and rich in culture
  • Soak up the sun in Zeeland, never far from the sea!
  • Variety throughout the Netherlands
Meer van Bled in Slovenië


  • Sunny side of the Alps
  • For those who love the natural world
  • Famous lakes: Bled and Bohinj
  • Extravagant spas
Istrië leuke dorpjes


  • Strechted coastal areas
  • Tons of inhabited and uninhabited islands
  • Cozy coastal cities in Istria
  • The Adriatic sea
  • Campsites with beautiful swimming pools
camping woferlgut Nordic walking


  • Land of the mountains
  • Astonishing blue lakes
  • Adventurous camping holidays
  • Breathtaking views
  • Gemütlichkeit (coziness) at top!


  • Small, yet loved holiday country
  • Charming cities with narrow alleys
  • Luxembourg city
  • For those who love nature, Luxembourg is a must-see