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A vacation abroad

A holiday abroad means different people and habits, different food and a different culture. In short; it will be different from "home".

This is of course one of the attractive sides of a holiday, but it is also important that you prepare well.
Avoid surprises, prepare as well as possible and enjoy your holiday all the more!


A siesta is an "afternoon nap", taken after lunch when the sun has reached its highest position. In warm countries, such as Spain and Italy, but also sometimes in the south of France, the siesta is a common tradition.

During the siesta, many of the camping facilities are closed, shops and banks will also be closed in nearby towns.

A siesta is usually held from 2pm to 5pm, although this may vary by country, region and campsite.

Pool Rules

Abroad, there are often different rules regarding the swimming pools than you may be used to.

For example, in swimming pools it is often not allowed to dive and air mattresses or balls are often not allowed. Small children (with or without floaties) are often not allowed to swim in deep pools.

In addition, there are often rules in various holiday countries about wearing bathing caps and tight swimming trunks.

In France it is often mandatory to wear tight swimming trunks in swimming pools and in Italy a swimming cap is often mandatory.
We indicate on each campsite page, under the heading "Regulations", when a bathing cap or tight swimming trunks is mandatory.

These rules have been introduced by the relevant authorities for hygienic reasons. These rules can therefore also change during a season, for example at the behest of local authorities. Information about 'swimwear' can also often be obtained from the campsite (reception). We advise you to take this into account.


Upon arrival, the accommodation will be ready for you from 3:00 PM, you are requested to report to the campsite between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM. For some campsites and accommodations, a later arrival time of, for example, 4 or 5 p.m. applies. If applicable, this will be indicated in the accommodation description before booking and it will be stated on your voucher.

  • If you arrive later, you can contact our employees on site by phone, this number will be shown on your voucher.
  • If you arrive before 3:00 PM, you cannot use the accommodation yet, but you can use the facilities of the campsite.

On the day of departure you must vacate the accommodation before 10:00am.
NOTE: For departures between 8 pm and 8 am, € 20,- will be deducted from the deposit.


Upon arrival at the campsite, you must pay a deposit in cash to the employee on site, unless stated otherwise on your voucher. For some accommodations/campsites the deposit can be made by credit card.
The amount of the deposit varies per accommodation, the exact amount is stated on the voucher.

On the day of departure, if the accommodation has been found to be clean and without defects by the managers, the deposit will be refunded.


At most campsites you can enjoy numerous facilities to experience a fantastic holiday. Swimming pool(s), a playground, animation, wifi, launderette and sporting facilities are examples of this.
For some of these facilities a fee might apply (good examples of this are mini-golf or pony rides). You can find/request the costs of the facilities at the reception of the campsite.

During the early and late season (untill aprrox. the begining of July and from approx. the end of August). It is possible that certain facilities are not yet or are no longer open, such as the swimming pool, the restaurant or the animation.
We advise you to take this into account.

It is possible that the recreation program at the campsite is not offered in English. In addition to which the recreation program is usually only available during the high season.
In general, the recreation program is not suitable for children under 4 years old. The word 'disco' is used by most campsites for music evenings.


A camping holiday is a holiday in nature. A bungalow tent or mobile home is more likely to suffer from unwanted visitors, such as insects, mice or moles. This is not a result of unhygienic conditions, but of the environment you are in.

In wooded environments you are more likely to experience mice and/or moles. Near bodies of water such as the coast, rivers and lakes you will be more likely to be bothered by mosquitoes.
Discomfort can often be remedied by shielding food or by purchasing insecticides.


Each accommodation is standing on its own pitch, as described by the campsite. The pitches on which our accommodations are placed can differ in size and shape, even on the same campsite. A map of the campsite does not give a accurate representation of the dimensions of the pitches.

On most campsites it is allowed to park your car at or near the accommodation (if possible). If you travel with a large/second car or with a trailer, you almost always have to park it in the parking lot of the campsite (it is possible that parking fees will apply).

Please note that many campsites have an entry ban between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM (times may vary per campsite).

The accommodation

The holidays on our website, no matter how luxurious and comfortable, remain camping holidays. It is possible that the beds, mattresses and chairs in the accommodations are less comfortable than you may be used to at home.
The beds and mattresses are often no longer than 1.90 m and the 2-person mattresses can consist of a large mattress or two single mattresses.

Your stay at the campsite

During your holiday and especially during the high season you will not be alone on a campsite. Campsites do everything they can to ensure that the whole family can enjoy a fun holiday and therefore offer various activities and facilities. As a result, during your holiday there will be the possibility that you will hear more ambient sounds, such as children playing and/or animation. With a little understanding towards everyone, you can enjoy your holiday all the more!

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