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On this page you can find everything that is good to know before you book a holiday or before you go on a holiday with Rent-a-Tent. Think hereby of how to book, about our prices, arrival and departure times, safety deposit, and so on. If you want to know more about Rent-a-Tent, click here. If you were looking for our general bookings policy, click here.

How do you book?

You can book via the phone or via internet. We need the following information of you: name and address of the notifier, email address, date of birth of all that come on the holiday, if you want to book an insurance with us and if you want to book optional extras (e.g. a children's bed, bringing a dog or placing a pup tent).

Our prices are including

All prices are including stallage, usage of gas and electrics and all facilities of the campsite, except for those rented separately (think hereby of a tennis court, bikes, fishing pond, mini golf, Wi-Fi, etc.).

Our prices are excluding

Our prices are excluding reservations costs at €24 and local charges. Under local charges fall tourist tax and other local surcharges like a environmental taxes and waste costs. Further are our prices excluding optional insurance and optional extras like a children's -bed, -bath and chair or like bringing a dog.

Payment methods

At Rent-a-Tent we provide you with a few payment methods, these methods are: iDeal (Dutch), SoFORT banking (German), Bancontact Mister Cash (Belgium) and a bank transfer. All of these methods are provided by the payment link you will receive in the confirmation email you receive after making a booking.


Please note that all times are in the local timezone of the campsite.
At arrival the accommodation will be ready for you from of 15:00, we ask from you to be on the campsite between 15:00 and 17:00 on the day of your arrival. If you will be later on the campsite please inform us. In case you arrive on the campsite before 15:00, it is not possible to enter your accommodation yet. However you are allowed to use the facilities on the campsite already. On the day of your departure you need to leave your accommodation before 10:00, you need to clean the accommodation yourself before leaving.

Safety deposit

Once you arrive on the campsite you need to pay a safety deposit, in cash, to our on-site employees. The safety deposit varies per accommodation, for the bungalow tents the safety deposit is between €50 and €100. For the mobile homes this is €100 and for our Grand Lodge tent the safety deposit is €200. To get your safety deposit back you always need to check-out with our on-site employee.

On a holiday outside of the season?

Of course we also offer holidays outside of the season. A lovely peacefull and quiet holiday without too many other tourist around you. However it is possible that some facilities on the campsite are not yet opened or already closed. Think hereby of the pool, the reastaurant or the on-site store. We urge you to keep this in mind when booking a holiday outside of the season.


Some campsites allow pets, with us it is only possible to bring a pet if the campsite allows it and if you stay in one of our bungalow tents or safari tents. In any other accommodation is it not possible to bring a pet. As a rule we have that there can be only one pet per accommodation. In case you want to bring your pet we will charge you €9 per night for this. You are responsible for the right vacination papers.

Parking at the accommodation

On most of our campsites it is possible to park your car with the accommodation (if possible). Do you travel with two cars, than you need to place one of the cars at the central parking space of the campsite. It is possible that you need to pay for this parking. Rent-a-Tent does not feel liable for any damage to (parked) cars both on the campsite terrain and outside of the campsite terrain. Please keep in mind that many campsites prohibit driving between 22:00 and 08:00 (local time, times may vary per campsite).

Swimming on campsites

On many campsites you are not allowed to wear swimshorts. Wearing a normal tight fitting swimsuit can be mandatory due to hygienic reasons. On the webpage of the campsite you can see whether or not it is allowed to wear swimshorts. On some campsites (and definitely on campsites in Italy) it is mandatory to wear a bath cap. Some campsites prohibit diving in the pool. Sometimes in the pool you are not allowed to play with balls or air mattrasses. Small children wearing armbands are not allowed to come in the deep side of the pool. It is possible, even during the season, that the pool is closed at noon, this due to siësta or the water quality.

Recreation program/disco

It is possible that the animation is only in the local language (not in English). Usually the animation program is only during the season. We see the animation not suitable for children younger than 4 years old. The word 'disco' is by many campsites also used for music evenings.

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