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Frequently asked questions

We receive many questions daily, some of which occur more often than others. These questions have been gathered here to provide you with a quick answer.


Can you send us a map of the campsite, so we can indicate which place we want?

Unfortunately we cannot do this. Our maps are only for internal use, our accommodations are spread over the campsites and might vary year to year.

Can we have a preference for where we want our accommodation?

Yes this is possible. If you have a preference we will try our hardest to fulfill your preference, however it is not a guarantee. If you want a guarenteed preference we will charge you €25 additionally per accommodation. If we cannot honor the guarantee you will receive €50 of us, €25 for the guarantee and €25 as an compensation.

How big are the pitches?

This differs per campsite. Generally one can say: the further one goes south the smaller the pitches. In Italy and Spain the pitches are smaller than in for instance France. Larger pitches can usually be found in the inner-land of France. Another rule is that campsites at the coast have smaller pitches as well.

Can we rent a small additional tent (pup tent) with Rent-a-Tent?

No, if you want to make use of this you need to bring it yourself. If you want a small additional tent with your accommodation you need to indicate this during your booking. A small extra tent can only be placed if the campsite allows this. Additionally you are NOT allowed to exceed the maximum number of people allowed in the accommodation.

How large can the small additional tent (pup tent) be?

The maximum size of the small additional tent is 2,2 x 2,2 yards (2x2 meters).

Practical Information

Can I bring my hairdryer, senseo coffee maker, electric barbecue, television to my bungalow tent or mobile home?

No, you cannot. The electrical connections are for low power consumption (220 volt/4 amp.) and is therefore not suitable for these kind of devices. Charging your phone or using a night light is no problem. Do not forget that the plugs in the UK are different from other European countries.

Can I park my car near my accommodation?

On most campsites this is possible. However on some campsites typically in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands (Roompotparken) there is a central located parking area. As a rule we have that one car is allowed per accommodation. Any additional cars need to be parked on the public parking area, it is possible that there are charges for making use of these parking areas.

Can I barbecue on the campsite?

Some campings allow you to barbecue, other do not allow this. This can be found on our camping webpages on the left side. If it is allowed Rent-a-Tent has a few barbecues that you can rent free of charge in consult with our on-site employees. Additionally on the campsite you can see which barbecue is allowed: HK (coal), G (gas) and/or E (electric).

Are the accommodations smoke free?

Yes, in all our accommodations it is prohibited to smoke.

What do I receive with renting a children's package?

You will receive a children's bed and chair and in the bungalow tent Blue also a bath. These can also be rented seperatly.


Are pets allowed on the campsite?

On every webpage of the campsites you can find a heading called "Facilities" (on the left side), here it is indicated whether the campsite allows pets. In the case a pet is allowed we only allow one pet per accommodation. Additionally you can only bring pets to our bungalow tents and/or our safari tents. In all other accommodations pets are not allowed, even if the campsite allows them. If you bring a dog please note that the dog needs to be on its leash at all times while being on the campsite.


Can I get an option?

We do not give out options, this to prevent disappointment for others.

I cannot book online while your system indicates that there is availability. What should I do now?

We advise you to contact us. You can contact us via phone +31 (0)547 36 40 80 or contact us via email at: [email protected]

Are there differences in the price if I book online or via phone?

No prices are exactly the same via internet and via phone bookings.

How do I get a promotion code?

A promotion code is given away at fairs or in our news letters if we have certain promotional actions.

Am I forced to book from Saturday to Saturday?

No! You can choose every day of the week to arrive or to leave. We have one condition, your reservation needs to fit in our planning. Please note: some campsites force set arrival and departure days, if this is the case you will be informed on the webpage.

Can I still change my reservation?

Yes this is possible, within the first seven days after making your booking this is free of charge. this only when your arrival date is not within 8 weeks Otherwise we will charge you a fee of €25. We can change the time period only if it fits our planning. If you shorten your holiday we will view this as a part cancellation and therefore our cancellation policy is applicable.

Which additional costs will I make when I make a booking?

In general only two costs will be added, first of all our reservation cost at €24. The second one is the local charges (if applicable), these local charges are also known as tourist tax. If you wish to rent a baby package or an insurance than there will also be a surcharge.

Is it possible to rent a linen package?

You need to bring this yourself, however on some campsites it is possible to rent this. If that is the case this will be mentioned on the webpage of the campsite.

I would like to reserve a bungalow tent with more than 6 persons. Is this possible?

No. A bungalow tent sleeps 6 (including babies). A safari tent sleeps 5 (including babies). Some of the mobile homes offered sleep 7. Our Grand Lodge tent sleeps 8.

Can youngsters (under 21) make a booking?

Reservations made by youngsters (under the age of 21), without the guidance of their responsible person (e.g. parents) cannot be accepted by us. Some campsites do not accept bookings made by persons under 25 (especially groups). This goes for the bungalow tents type Yellow and Green and the mobile homes Orange and some campsites with our Lime and Mango (mainly in Italy and Croatia). Campsites Valldaro, Ca'Savio and Californie Plage do not accept groups under the age of 25.

When do I receive my voucher?

At last 2 weeks before you arrive on the campsite will you receive your voucher, this however if you have paid the complete sum. If you have booked a last minute you will receive your voucher after you made the payment.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. After you received the bookings confirmation you need to pay 30% of the total sum (with a minimum of €100) and the total cost of insurance (if you have chosen to get one). The deposit needs to be paid at least within 14 days after the booking has been made.

Which payment methods are available?

There are several ways to make a payment, in the bookings confirmation you will find a link via which you can pay. This link gives you several methods: iDeal (Dutch), Bancontact (Belgium), SoFORT (German), direct bank transfer (worldwide).

Do I receive a confirmation of payment?

Yes. We will send you a confirmation once the payment has been received by us, depending on the method of payment the time variates. If you have not received a confirmation of your payment within 5 working days, it is adviceable to contact us via email or phone.

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