Camping in Belgium

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Belgium’s artistic prodigies and militant history has turned it into one of the most compelling tourist destinations in Europe.Take a rail bicycle tour along the Kempisch Landschap in Kapellen, visit the Mini-Europe theme park in Brussels or witness one of the 3000 castles in Belgium. Did you know that this country has more castles and châteaux per square kilometre than any other country in the world? The architects in Belgium are famous for more than just buildings. In fact, Victor Horta, a Belgian architect who designed several beautiful townhouses, is known as a leader of the 19th century Art Nouveau movement. If you’re in Saint-Gilles, visit the Horta Museum to visit the Horta Museum, which displays a variety of his work located in one of his townhomes. Belgium is also famous for its comic strip artists, for there are also more per square kilometer than any other country. The creators of The Smurfs and The Adventures of Tintin were also Belgians. In Brussels, there is even a trail devoted to comic strips.

When you’re ready for a snack, head into one of Belgium’s two thousand chocolate shops and taste why Belgium is famous for this classic treat. In fact, Belgium annually produces over 173,000 tons of chocolate. Not in the mood for sweets? Stop by one of the many fry stands nearby. Although labeled “French”, these potato snacks actually originated in Belgium. If you’d like to sit back with a drink at your bungalow tent, have a sip of Jenever: the national spirit drink. Furthermore, Jenever is only produced in Belgium, so its authenticity is always confirmed. Whatever your cravings, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in this cosmopolitan, yet historic country.

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The Kingdom of Belgium is a small country in Western Europe which is bordered by France, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands. Due to its size and historical background, Belgium has adopted languages from the surrounding countries. Over half of the population speaks Dutch (or rather, Flemish) as their first language, over one-third French and about one percent German. However, Belgium’s diversity in language hasn’t stopped them from metropolitanization. In fact, this country has an urbanized population of 98%, the highest in Europe. Maybe this is why Belgium has the longest tram line in the world, the “Kusttram” (or in English, the Coast Tram). In light of Belgium’s transportation, this European nation is also known for its well-lit highways. As a matter of fact, these freeways can be seen from the moon! Another eye-catching landmark in Belgium is the Boerentoren (also referred to as the Farmer’s Tower or the KBC Tower) which was the first skyscraper to be built in Europe circa 1932 in Antwerp, Belgium. Not only is Antwerp known for its tall buildings, but for its diamonds. This city is the diamond capital of the world, handling 80% of the world’s rough diamonds and half of all cut diamonds.

In addition to four countries, Belgium’s northwest border connects to the North Sea. Along the 42 miles (68 km) of sandy coastline, you’ll find some of the best campsites in Belgium. If you’re looking to be right on the beach, check out Campsite Kompas Camping Westende. Here you’ll find a great waterplay area and an adventure playground. This is a family campsite that is best for groups with younger children. Another option is Kompas Camping Nieuwpoort, which is a bit more lively and better for older children and teenagers. Nieuwpoort is only 5 km from the beach, but is situated on a recreational lake where canoeing, swimming, sailing, surfing and fishing are possible activities. Both campsites provide kids programs and events for adults to take part in as well.

Belgium is the perfect country for camping, because it has diverse attractions all within close reach. The family members who love history will be in awe of the numerous military museums, battlefields and memorials around the country. Art enthusiasts will rejoice at the sight of masterpieces from Belgian artists like René Magritte, Rachel Baes and Jan van Eyck. The athletic persons are encouraged to play a game of cricket, for the sport was actually established in Belgium, despite most people assuming it emerged from the United Kingdom. Whatever your interests, Belgium is the perfect destination for your next camping holiday!