Camping in the Netherlands

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When one thinks of Holland, images of tulips, beer, clogs, bicycles and windmills come to mind, and for good reason! The Netherlands is the biggest exporter of both beer and flower bulbs. Furthermore, the country is home to the largest pub (De Drie Gezusters in Groningen) and the largest flower garden (Keukenhof in Lisse) the world has to offer. In addition, this country produces six million pairs of souvenir clogs every year! Also, there are more bicycles than Dutch people in the Netherlands. This is most likely due to the 35.000 km (21.250 mi) of excellent bicycle paths throughout the country. As for the windmills, over one thousand still stand from 1850 and prior. With Dutch culture so unique and profound, a holiday in Holland is sure to be your best camping trip yet!

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With over half the country at sea level and almost one-third below, it’s safe to say the Netherlands is as flat as a pannenkoek. However, Dutch folk compensate for this, as they are the tallest people in the world! This might have something to do with their diet. The Netherlands is one of the largest agricultural exporters in the world, so it’s easy to see why they’re also known to have the best nutrition. In fact, despite being the most densely populated country in Europe, more than sixty percent of Dutch land is devoted to agriculture and horticulture. Camping in Holland is ideal, for the country is smaller than most other European countries, making it easy to navigate to the attractions and cities that most spark your interest!

In the Holland region of the Netherlands, there are countless cities to explore, including Lisse, Rotterdam, Groningen, The Hague and of course, Amsterdam. Every year from mid-March to mid-May, Lisse opens up Keukenhof, the largest flower garden in the world. This garden has been around for centuries and displays seven million spring flowering bulbs! Keukenhof is the perfect opportunity to see why the Dutch are known for their beautiful tulips. Another popular city is Groningen, with its gothic churches, art museums and beautiful canals. Stay at Hunzedal if you'd like to be closeby Groningen. If you’re into architecture and big cities, Rotterdam is for you. Head to the Museum House Sonneveld for a magnificently restored home from the early 1930s. Catch a football game at Stadion Feijenoord, or as the locals call it: “De Kuip” (The Tub). Although Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, the government is in Holland’s third biggest city, The Hague. There you’ll find Madurodam, a popular tourist attraction that displays a 1 to 25 miniature scale of a fictional Dutch city. For motor enthusiasts, go to the Louwman Museum, where you’ll witness the oldest private collection of automobiles. The Hague also holds an outdoor antique and book market, where you’ll find odd trinkets and reading material to bring back to your tent at the Kijkduinpark campsite. Last but not least, is the European hub of Amsterdam, which is known for its canals, art museums, chaotic bicycle routes and its wild nightlife. A campsite nearby is Duinrell, which is part of an amusement park. Visit the Anne Frank house, the Van Gogh museum or take a tour through the Heineken Experience. Fly into Schiphol Airport, which offers more direct flights than any other airport in the world.

The Netherlands has several unique camping options to choose from, such as a big and lively campground near the Hague, a campsite surrounded by golf courses or family oriented parks near Groningen. Simply choose a tent or mobile home with Rent-a-Tent and count on us to make your Holland holiday something you’ll never forget!