Camping in Croatia

Rent an assembled tent or a luxurious mobile home in the beautiful country of Croatia

Blue skies, coastlines, and olive oil. Croatia is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. With a good deal of Italian influence, this country is well known for its cuisine, architecture, gorgeous landscapes, and warm weather. The perfect tropical climate guarantees a foolproof holiday. Lay on the beach or sail through the sea. Cerulean waters and stunning coral reefs make for great diving. Croatia has a fantastic conservation program, so a national park or nature reserve is never far from reach. Camping in Croatia is the best way to truly experience the rich environment. With its fertile soil and long, sunny days, Croatian terrain is perfect for growing grapes. In fact, it is common for locals to have small vineyards in their backyards and to make their own wine. Olive oil is another Croatian delight; they boast to have the best in the world! Known for being one of the safest travel destinations in Europe, Croatia is perfect for your family’s next camping holiday!

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Croatia is home to over 1200 islands, isles, and inlets, which provide some of the most exceptional beaches with plenty of sunshine. In fact, famous English director Alfred Hitchcock once said that the Croatian city Zadar "has the most beautiful sunset in the world.” Due to its organic beauty, over ten percent of the country is under conservation, which makes up eight national parks, eleven nature parks, and over eighty special reserves, such as forest vegetation, sea, and animal preservation. This is undoubtedly why films and television shows such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Doctor Who, James Bond, and Fiddler on the Roof have all chosen Croatia as their location of choice. Camping in Croatia is the perfect holiday for those who love the outdoors and warm, tropical climate!

With its location directly east of Venice, Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula was formerly ruled by the Venetian Republic for five hundred years. This has given the region a Venetian charm and explains why many locals speak Italian. Croatian cuisine is Italianesque and boasts wine comparable to Italy. In fact, over 40000 vineyards and winemakers occupy 20000 hectares of Croatian land. Often noted as Croatia’s most amazing region, Istria’s modest size makes it easy to navigate and is ideal for camping. Choose between a spacious, preassembled tent or a luxurious mobile home. Stay at one of our campsites and take day trips to the cities and spots that best fit your interests!

Several captivating locations that the region has to offer are Pula, Porec, Rovinj, and the Brijuni Islands. In Pula, you will find one of the last remaining Roman gladiator arenas in the world, where it has been been restored into a venue for concerts. Performances have included Leonard Cohen, David Gilmour, Norah Jones, and Sir Elton John. Colourful reefs make for great diving spots in Pula, as well. The UNESCO site and party hub Porec is another lively city in Istria, with Byzantine mosaics, the Temple of Neptune, and Cave Baredine being popular attractions. Campsite Lanterna is a twenty minute drive from Porec and has a lot to offer, such as a massive water park with several pools, slides, and even a pirate ship for the kids. In Rovinj, the “old town” is renowned for its charming Venetian architecture, pastel-coloured homes, and the marble cobblestone streets. The campsite Valkanela is located directly on the beach and within walking distance of Vrsar and Funtana. Valkanela also has a beach bar and several resturants. The Brijuni archipelago consists of two main islands and twelve islets off the coast of Istria. On the largest island, Veliki Brijun, over 200 dinosaur footprints have been discovered at four different archeological sites. This is also where you’ll find Nacionalni park Brijuni, a beloved national park in Croatia. If you go further north, you'll find Park Umag, which is a great family campsite located in the city of Umag, where the Tennis Croatia Open is held every summer.

Endless beaches, delicious cuisine, and fascinating history have bred Croatia to be a well kept secret in European tourism. Croatian holidays are ideal for families of all ages and interests. Each campsite has everything you need for the perfect vacation. All you need to do is sit back with a glass of delicious Croatian wine and enjoy your vacation!