Camping holidays in the Vendée

A camping holiday at Rent-a-Tent in the Vendée is the perfect destination for families. In the Vendée in France you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the cosy seaside towns. The Vendée has over 155 miles (250 km) of beaches, of which 87 miles (140 km) are sandy beaches. During the summer the Vendée has lovely weather and it is not too far from Calais. Enjoy a wonderful camping holiday in France in the Vendée, at Rent-a-Tent in a fully equipped furnished accommodation.

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Highlights in the Vendée

The Vendée is an ideal destination for a holiday with your family. The beach slowly declines into the azure blue Atlantic Ocean. Even during the season there is enough space for everyone, which gives you the impression it is busy, but not too busy. The Vendée is a true paradise for children and for watersport lovers.

The climate

The climate is perfect, in the Vendée. In the Vendée there are almost as many sunny days as on the French Riviera. What makes the Vendée such a perfect holiday destination are the clean seawater and the beautiful, untouched beaches that go on for miles and miles.

Cultural sights

The region has a rich history. In the region you can admire various historical sites from different eras, for example you can go back in time to the Vendée War or view the historical traces of the French Renaissance.

Wonderful cycling & walking

In the Vendée you can also enjoy cycling and walking. Behind the row of dunes lies the Marais Poitevin inland. In this unique nature reserve, which consists of countless lakes and marshes with beautiful water birds, you can make nice boat trips. Off the coast are two islands that are definitely worth a visit: Île de Noirmoutier, the flower island with green forests and white salt pans, and Île d'Yeu, a rock in the sea. At low tide you can cycle or drive over the Passage du Gois to Île de Noirmoutier.

Camping in the Vendée

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