Camping holiday Limburg

In our beautiful Netherlands we have beautiful Limburg. With its rolling landscape, the carnival and the bustling city of Maastricht, Limburg offers plenty of opportunities for a wonderful camping holiday.

omgeving camping Gulperberg
Omgeving camping Gulperberg
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Rich history

"Dao is mien vaajerland, Limburg naovenant" is a line from the national anthem of Limburg. The soft "G" and the delicious Limburg dialect give your camping holiday in Limburg a very special touch. Limburg has had a turbulent history over the centuries. From Romans to knights, from damsel to Koempels, you will find it all in Limburg. Silent witnesses are the countless museums, churches, castles, mills, but also the cemeteries of the Allies.

Canoeing, Rafting & Snowboarding

If you can really take time for yourself somewhere, then that is in South Limburg. The impressive nature, residents who have time and attention for others and the many facilities make this the ideal place to relax. And that certainly doesn't mean sitting still and doing nothing. Biking and hiking are favorite pastimes, as well as canoeing, rafting, swimming. Don't forget to ski and snowboard in the largest indoor ski slope in the Netherlands: Snowworld Landgraaf.

Outings in Limburg

Of course you can also visit the city of Servaas, Maastricht. Grab a terrace on the Vrijthof, a visit to the Servaas basilica or go shopping? You always run out of time in Maastricht. And then of course there are the caves: not only in Maastricht, but also in touristic Valkenburg with the famous Marl Caves.

  • Whether you stay in Limburg for a weekend, midweek or longer, you will return to the hectic pace of everyday life as reborn!*

Camping in beautiful Limburg

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