Safe travels with Rent-a-Tent

Rent-a-Tent would like to inform you about our travel policy during these unique times. You are interested in making a reservation for your holiday, but you are unsure about the current situation and the near future? That is very reasonable and we understand. Through our travel policy we will inform you about our policies and the things you can expect from our organization.

Why book with Rent-a-Tent and how to travel safely next year?

  • Available by telephone 24 hours a day in case of emergencies.
  • Rent-a-Tent couriers are present at the campsite during the season for help, guidance, advice, and action.
  • When necessary, we will send advance e-mails during uncertain times with instructions, advice, and information about your booked campsite, holiday destination, and about your reservation.
  • Our reservations department employees are available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. They can be contracted by telephone, chat, or email.
  • In the case of a changed travel advice, Rent-a-Tent informs guests at the campsite by e-mail and by a visit from our onsite couriers.
  • Team Rent-a-Tent informs guests before departure with adapted travel advice about the destination and searches personally and appropriately for a solution with guests as required.
  • Provide certainty and book cancellation insurance from Allianz Global Assistance directly with your reservation.
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Carefree camping holidays in 2022

We provide a comfortable camping holiday. Whether you are preparing for your holiday or have already arrived at your destination, you can be certain of the following:

  • Your booked campsite and/or destination is given green or yellow travel advice.
  • The campsite allows holidaymakers.
  • The travel group may stay in the booked accommodation.
  • The beaches, restaurants, supermarkets, and shops at the holiday destination are reasonably accessible.

Hygiene and safety at the campsite

  • We advise you to always keep sufficient distance and to abide by the rules of the local authorities.
  • Abide by the guidelines on the campsite and in the immediate vicinity.
  • Touch as few others as possible outside of your travel party.
  • Wash hands regularly.
  • Make sure you travel with insurance; arrange travel insurance, cancellation insurance, and health insurance for your vacation.
  • Provide adequate ventilation.
  • In the car or during your trip to your destination, bring hand disinfectant gel, a mouth mask, and possibly (disposable) gloves.
  • Rent-a-Tent uses a Corona protocol for hygiene and safety in the accommodation. Our Rent-a-Tent couriers carry out this protocol at the destination and in our accommodations.

Information about the campsite and protocols

  • Every campsite has its own rules when it comes to hygiene and safety. Before arrival, make sure to carefully read up about the destination.

Before departure

  • During these unique times, we understand that you may have questions about your booked holiday. If the situation becomes uncertain at a destination we will inform you, when considered applicable, by e-mail regarding your booked campsite, destination, reservation, and any payment conditions. When this is the case you will receive a message from us with instructions and advice about your reservation.
  • Adjusted disadvantageous travel advice can occur before departure to the campsite. When an adjusted travel advice occurs, we will notify you by e-mail no later than 14 days before arrival and inform you about the changed situation. We then give you the options for changing your holiday destination or campsite in consultation with you. You can then choose to change your holiday to another campsite, another country, or if the travel advice is orange or red, you can also choose to opt for a voucher for the value of your paid travel to use to re-book your holiday at a later time.

At the destination

  • Of course, adjusted travel advisories can occur during your holiday by your government authorities or by the authorities of the country where you are on holiday. If you are at the destination, we will inform you immediately by e-mail about the current events. Our on site couriers will also visit your accommodation to advise about the change and offer instructions about the situation. You can then decide for yourself what action you would like to take (depending on the changed travel advice): 1. complete the holiday at the destination, 2. travel to another safe campsite and/or destination, or 3. return home. Your choice is your own responsibility. Our reservations department is available for consultation and any rebookings if desired. We are happy to help you complete your holiday with pleasure.

Feel free to contact us, we are available!

Availability and questions

At Rent-a-Tent we understand your concerns. We might not have an answer ready for every question. However, you can be rest assured that we at Rent-a-Tent will do our utmost best to take away your concerns and ensure you will have a pleasant camping holiday.

Our company is open Monday to Friday from 9 AM - 5.30 PM.

  • You can reach us by telephone at (0031) 547 - 36 40 80
  • Or send your question by e-mail to [email protected]
  • You can also chat with our employees daily during office hours on our website.
  • Or submit your question via the Contact form on our website.

    E-mails and messages sent during the weekend will be processed on Monday morning.