Rent-a-Tent voucher

Your health and a safe holiday are our priority and we will do our utmost for that. Can your holiday not continue due to the coronavirus? Then we offer you a Rent-a-Tent voucher (with maximum flexibility), which you can redeem for a new booking in 2020 or 2021. It is possible to redeem your voucher for arrivals until September 30, 2021. This means you do not have to immediately decide which new holiday to book.

Rent-a-Tent stands for service, flexibility and quality.
At all campsites in Europe with our own accommodations, Rent-a-Tent has on-site courriers for help, questions and assistance during your holiday. They are your first point of contact at the campsite and will ensure that you enjoy your well-deserved holiday. In addition, Rent-a-Tent is, as you are used to from us, flexible in terms of arrival and departure days. Meaning you can travel to the campsite every day for your holiday in one of our accommodations. And of course we are available from Monday to Friday by phone, chat and e-mail for your booking questions.

Terms and conditions Rent-a-Tent voucher

  • A Rent-a-Tent voucher can only be exchanged for a camping holiday offered by Rent-a-Tent.
  • You can choose from the entire range of campsites on If the travel sum of the holiday is higher, you must pay the additional costs. When the new holiday has a lower travel sum, you keep the remainder of the voucher to use.
  • You can redeem your voucher for a new booking for a holiday in 2020 or 2021. You can redeem your voucher by making a new reservation with an arrival until September 30, 2021.
  • After you have exchanged your Rent-a-Tent voucher and made a new booking, the regular booking conditions apply to the new booking. You agree to this when making the new booking.
  • A Rent-a-Tent voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • A Rent-a-Tent voucher is non-transferable.

How do I redeem a voucher?

Would you like to make a new reservation at Rent-a-Tent and redeem your voucher? Then you can! We will then deduct the full voucher from your new reservation. Part redemption of the value of the voucher is not possible. You can choose your desired campsite, accommodation and travel period via our website. When you have found a suitable holiday destination, follow the next steps and we will arrange the new reservation for you.
Step 1: You choose your desired campsite, accommodation and travel period for a holiday in 2021.
Step 2: You then call or email our reservations department with the details for making your desired reservation.
Step 3: Pass your voucher code on to our employees.
Step 4: After that, our employees will arrange the rest and you will receive a bookings confirmation in your mailbox.
On the bookings confirmation for 2021 you will find the settlement of your paid voucher and you will also find the remaining payment conditions for your new reservation.

We would like to point out that the bookings policy apply to all new reservations.

How do I arrange a refund of the voucher if I do not wish to use the received voucher?

If you wish to receive a refund of the value of your received voucher, then this is also a possibility. A refund of the payment of your voucher is possible from April 1, 2021. And must always be made known in writing by e-mail to [email protected]. After which you will receive a written confirmation message and we will then arrange for a refund.

Is your holiday canceled by Rent-a-Tent?

Then you will be personally informed about this. You will receive a Rent-a-Tent voucher to the value of the paid travel sum. With this voucher you can book a new holiday at a later date with Rent-a-Tent. The exchange of your voucher is possible for all arrivals until September 30, 2021. The voucher can be used for all camping holidays from the Rent-a-Tent offer.

How do I receive a Rent-a-Tent voucher?

You will receive a voucher if your holiday cannot continue due to the Corona virus. Our reservations team will contact you personally within two weeks and we will inform you about the way in which the voucher is made available. It is not needed to contact us about the situation.

Thank you for your trust and take good care of each other!

Questions and advice

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News about the coronavirus

Rent-a-Tent would like to keep you informed about the developments surrounding the Corona virus. We understand that you have questions about your booked holiday with Rent-a-Tent and would therefore like to keep you up to speed and informed.

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How can you reach us?

At Rent-a-Tent we understand your concerns. We might not have an answer ready for every question. However, rest assured that at Rent-a-Tent we will do our utmost to take away your worries and ensure a pleasant camping holiday.

We are opened form Monday to Firday from 9 am to 5.30 pm.

  • You can call us on +31 547 - 364080
  • You can send your question via email to [email protected]
  • You can also chat with our employees during office hours via our website
  • Or send your question via the contactform on our website

Emails send during the weekend will be processed on Monday moring.