Montage and Demontage managers and employees wanted

Travel organization Rent-a-Tent is looking for tent builders every spring and autumn for the demontage and dismantling of the tents. The teams travel from campsite to campsite. We are looking for people with good health, humor and flexibility who can work well in a team. You bring the materials from the storage to the destination (or back) and set up or dismantle the tents. This also includes the furnishing of the accommodations.

Tenten afbouw
Tenten bouwen

Description of the function

Every spring and autumn, several teams set out to various destinations in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Slovenia and Italy to set up or dismantle tents. Our preference is for active and handy men and women from about 30-65 years of age in good health. A construction team consists of about 5 to 7 people. You travel together as much as possible, you travel by car or Rent-a-Tent transport bus with the entire team from campsite to campsite. On average, the build-up rounds last 3 to 4 weeks. On most rounds, a catering employee travels along who takes care of the shopping and prepares the meals. The stay is usually at the campsite. During the day there is hard work in the open air and those interested will therefore need to be in good health.

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