Camping holiday at lake Iseo

Lake Iseo is located in the Lombardy region and less touristy than other lakes in Northern Italy. Nevertheless, Lake Iseo is very popular with the residents of Italy. The lake is 25 kilometers long and over 4 kilometers wide. It is surrounded by picturesque villages, vineyards and enchanting landscapes. The island of Monte Isola on the lake is very special, it is the largest inhabited island on a lake in Southern Europe. Lake Iseo is the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday in nature and also offers many options for going out.

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Lake Iseo, also known as Lago d'Iseo, is the fourth largest lake in the Lombardy region. Nature is characterized by its green forests, colorful flowers and plants, serene waters surrounded by lush hills and picturesque vineyards. The villages around the lake have a characteristic appearance and are characterized by colorful facades and narrow streets. Many of these villages are built on the banks of the lake and offer beautiful views. There are cozy restaurants and terraces, lively squares and nice shops along the banks. The beaches on Lake Iseo vary from pebble beaches to lawns and concrete promenades. The most special attraction on Lake Iseo is the largest lake island in Southern Europe, Monte Isola. The island is completely car-free and is known for its enchanting natural landscapes and peaceful atmosphere.


During a holiday at Lake Iseo you can undertake many activities with the whole family. On the lake you can practice numerous water sports, such as kitesurfing, kayaking, sailing and windsurfing. If you want to explore Lake Iseo from the water, organized boat trips offer the perfect opportunity. Along the lake there are a number of walking and cycling routes, from leisurely to more challenging trails. Lake Iseo is characterized by beautiful vineyards, so a wine tasting cannot be missed here. You can also enjoy cultural activities in the area, such as Christo's famous artwork "The Floating Piers". For a more sporty activity, you can visit one of the small-scale recreational parks in the region. Discover the island of Monte Isola, where you can take walking and cycling trips, visit the San Michele church, taste local dishes and enjoy the Italian sun on the idyllic beaches.

Discover the towns

If you are ready for some hustle and bustle and fun on your holiday, a day trip to a city or village is recommended. There are several towns and villages in the area, for example the charming town of Pisogne on the eastern shores of Lake Iseo. On the north side is Lovere, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The town of Sarnico is located on the western shores and has a lively atmosphere. The largest and most touristic town on the lake is "Iseo". It offers many terraces and restaurants, a beautiful quay and pleasant shopping streets. Various local dishes are served in the area, some of which are typical of the Lombardy region. Think of Risotto, fish dishes and Casoncelli.

Camping holiday at Lake Iseo

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