Camping Lake Garda

Despite its infamous sea shores, many travellers disembark to Italy for its freshwater! The largest and most popular lake being Lago di Garda. Lake Garda is approximately 370 square kilometers of water and maintains about 160 km of shoreline! A majority of visitors don’t know that Lake Garda harbors secluded hot sulphur springs, where you can take a natural bath hidden among the trees. Why stay in a stuffy hotel far from the water, when you can have a luxurious bungalow tent or an entire mobile home for you and your family just meters away from the shore? With its stark shade of blue and unparalleled transparency, Garda is guaranteed to be an unforgettable camping destination.

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Lago di Garda was formed from a glacier flowing down the Brenta Dolomites over 1.5 million years ago during the Quaternary Ice Age. As Italy’s largest lake, it’s no surprise that Garda divides three regions: Verona, Brescia and Trento. At 65 meters above sea level, the water has a maximum depth of 350 meters. Because of it being surrounded by mountains, Lake Garda became a military hub and battleground for various countries over the past two millennia. In 269 AD, the Battle of Benacus struck between the Roman Army and two Germanic tribes: Juthungi and Alamanni. This could possibly be where Garda retrieved its name. The town of Garda was named first, after the Germanic word “warda”, originally meaning “place of observation” or “place of guard”. Later, Garda Lake became the arena for both the Battle of Rivoli in 1797 and the Battle of Solferino in 1859. As for today, Lago di Garda is a top tourist destination in Italy, bringing in 7% of its total international travellers.

Lake Garda is known for many things other than its warm, cerulean waters. Did you know that it is regarded as the “birthplace of the violin”? Gasparo Da Salo is believed to be one of the first producers of the instrument, who was born in Salo on Lake Garda in 1540. In fact, there is a music festival each year to celebrate this event. Some other things to do around Lake Garda is to visit the theme park, Gardaland. Here you can ride roller coasters, play in the fountains on a hot day, cool off on water rides and enjoy some family time for all ages! Another Garda attraction is the road known as Strada della Forra. If you love scenic drives, this is the road for you. With windy turns and unique tunnels, the Strada della Forra is not for the faint of heart. For those who love a nice glass of wine, visiting Villa Calicantus is a must. The tour through the vineyard is very interesting and has a great view over Lago di Garda. Taste their famous unfiltered Rosé and have a delicious plate of food. There are also plenty of hiking trails and biking routes, such as the Old Ponale Road Path. From history museums to islands, cathedrals to mountains, camping Lake Garda has something to offer every family.

A popular choice at Lake Garda is the Province of Verona. Here you will find great camping spots, such as Bella Italia and Cisano San Vito. In the Province of Verona, one will find a diverse collection of activities. Walk with a herd of alpacas on top of Monte Baldo, try the delicious unfiltered wine at Villa Calicantus or ride a Vespa scooter along the picturesque roads lining Lake Garda’s shoreline. Brescia is another great province, where you can stay at Campsite Tiglio. In Brescia, you have the opportunity to see petroglyphs in Ceto, go caving in the old mines of Pisogne or visit the ancient ruins of Grotte di Catullo.

Hot springs, violins, vineyards, historic battles, gorgeous views… What’s your reason for camping in Lake Garda?