Campsite Château de Montrouant

Gibles, Burgundy, France

  • Small-scale, quiet campsite
  • Fishing pond
  • Taste the self-produced wine
  • Outdoor pool overlooking the castle
  • Casual and friendly atmosphere


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Château de Montrouant
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GlamLodge tent - Breebronne
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GlamLodge tent

  • Sleeps up to 6 people
  • Large fridge with freezer
  • Skottelbraai (barbecue)
  • Fan
  • Paved terrace under awning
More information

The GlamLodge tent has many advantages. So you can enjoy under the awning, sitting on a luxurious sun lounger on the paved terrace. You can cook outside with the skottelbraai. Inside you will find a fan for cooling. The Rent-a-Tent GlamLodge tent is spacious and fully equipped. By the use of an outdoor terrace with wind protection there is more comfort than with a standard bungalow tent with parasol or party tent and also more privacy. In addition, the inventory includes 2 adjustable seats with footstool, a skottelbraai and fan.

Standard in all models are a double bed and 3 single beds with a spiral spring with a mattress with cover. You will draw your own (cover) sheet and you will sleep in a sleeping bag brought by yourself or under your own duvet. If you are six people, an extra bed will be placed on arrival. If you have fewer people, depending on the model, you can roll up a partition wall for extra space.

An electric heater is present in the tent. Smoking is prohibited in our GlamLodge tent.

Rent-a-Tent has two different models of sleeping tent, so depending on the model the beds can be arranged in the length or in the width direction of the tent. In the front part of the tent a so-called cockpit with raised edges is attached to the ground sheet. This proprietary Rent-a-Tent development has a special construction that makes it possible to place the edge near the door during use during the day or to raise it upwards to create a watertight cockpit to prevent eg (nocturnal) flooding. This own invention has proved its worth in various places. In this cockpit is a floor covering so that you are not on a cold floor and the children can play nice if it is a day with poor weather.

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