Camping holiday in Brittany

** Hidden coves, huge cliffs and beautiful sandy beaches: discover the versatile Brittany! Stroll along the tide line, eat a crêpe, go on an adventure in the bustling city of Rennes and take a refreshing dip in the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy a wonderful camping holiday in France, at Rent-a-Tent in a fully equipped furnished accommodation near the clear blue sea. Vive La France!

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Highlights in Brittany

If you are in Britain, you should definitely admire the impressive tidal differences. In the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, these differences are the largest in all of Europe. You watch the spring tide that takes place every fortnight.

Waves of the Atlantic Ocean

Between the coastal towns of Saint-malo and Erguy, admire Cap Fréhel. It is one of the most beautiful views of Brittany! At this cape, beautiful cliffs of slate and pink sandstone rise up to 70 meters above the sea. With a clear view you can even see the island of Jersey, Paimpol and the Cotentin peninsula.

Saint-Malo & Rennes

Brittany's coast is home to vibrant cities. For example, in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, the completely walled 'privateer's nest' Saint-malo is located. During spring tides, the difference between low and high tide can be as much as fourteen meters! On the coastline you can also search for crabs and shrimps in the sand and between the rocks at low tide.

outings in brittany

Go with the whole family to OcéanOpolis. A unique journey to the heart of the ocean! Since 1990, OcéanOpolis has been telling about the natural history of the ocean. Year-round and educational platform with major exhibitions and activity programs. Also discover “Cobac Parc”, the amusement park in Brittany between Rennes and Saint-Malo. With over 40 rides and a water park for the whole family!