Campsite Château de Martragny

Martragny Moulins-en-Bessin, Normandy, France

  • Lovely campsite at a castle
  • Outdoor pool with an area for children
  • Large fishing pond
  • During the high season activities for the kids
  • D-Day beaches just 15 miles (25 km) away
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Château de Martragny
Luchtfoto camping Chateau de Martragny
Zwembad camping Chateau de Martragny
Spelen op grasveld Chateau de Martragny
Camping Chateau de Martragny speeltuin
Kasteel camping Chateau de Martragny
Tennissen camping Chateau de Martragny
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Bunaglowtent Blue Gulperberg aanzicht

Bungalow tent Blue

  • Sleeps 6 persons
  • Large fridge with freezer
  • Raised beds with frame
  • Tent heating
  • Bring own bed sheets/blankets
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