Camping holidays in Normandy, France

Normandy is easily reached from the United Kingdom, take the ferry between Dover and Calais. Within a few hours you will reach the beautiful, green province of Normandy. Normandy has lots to offer, think of century old farms, villages with half-timbered houses, beautiful beaches and castles. Thanks to the D-Day landing beaches this part of France is known throughout the world!

Utah Beach Normandie
Mont St Michel
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The varied coastal landscape of Normandy is truly breathtaking and starts at Le Tréport all the way will Le Mont-Saint-Michel. The total coastline of Normandy is over 370 miles (600 km.) and knows a large variety of cliffs and gold colored beached.

Some of the coastal cities you must not miss are Honfleur and Deauville, which are definitely worth the visit. You can reach the picturesque city of Honfleur via the impressive Pont de Normandy. The port, together with the old houses and narrow streets give Honfleur a typical atmosphere. The typical Normandy villages vary greatly, some are small with small markets whilst others have large markets, which fills up the streets. Some of the villages are almost hidden in the lovely small valleys. The cities of Trouville, Deauville and Cabourg are among the favourite destinations of the Parisian beaumonde.

The coast is of course the most visited and lively part of Normandy and is best known for the D-Day invasion on the 4th and 5th of June 1944. However also the hinterland of Normandy is truly beautiful and is worth a visit. If you ask us going to Normandy and not visiting the hinterland is a big miss. It has lightly coloured fields, with ascending landscapes and the woods. Normandy is a province where you can find peace and quite, if you visit the hinterland.