Luxurious accommodations

Rent a Bungalow tent, Safari tent, Lodge tent or Mobile home with Rent-a-Tent

Camping with Rent-a-Tent equals camping without worries. Once you arrive at the campsite your accommodations is already set-up for you. All you need to do is grab a drink and start enjoying your holiday. Our bungalow tents are very spacious, with seperated sleeping compartments and a wardrobe. The safari tent gives just that little extra, most of the types are built upon a wooden underfloor and have a large canopy. If you want to go glamping pick our Grand Lodge tent, as lodge tents are basically mobile homes disguished as tents. Our mobile homes (and lodge tents) come with an own bathroom with a shower, toilet, hot and cold running water. All of our accommodations are of the highest quality, comfortable and completely equipped. Just like you expect from an organisation as Rent-a-Tent!

Luxe bungalowtent Rent-a-Tent

Bungalow tent

A luxurious, completely equipped and set-up bungalow tent is ready for you on the campsite of your choice. You do not have to drag camping equipment around, to arrive on the camping to lose a few hours trying to set-up your tent. We already did all of that for you! Rent-a-Tent bungalow tents are spacious and have all comforts needed, think about seperated sleeping compartments, real beds and a kitchen area with gas burners and a fridge with freezer compartment.

We offer you different types of bungalow tents, which are differently furnished. You find an extensive description the bungalow tent here:

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Voorbeeld Stacaravan Mango

Mobile homes

Enjoy the luxury and comfort of a completely furnished mobile home. A mobile home comes with a bathroom with shower, toilet and warm and cold running water. Those are only an example of the advantageous of our luxurious mobile homes. There are different types of mobile homes, all with a different lay-out. All models have something in common though, they all have spacious living and sleeping rooms, a completely equipped kitchen and two or three sleeping rooms. Unfortunately pets are not allowed in the mobile homes.

We offer different types of mobile homes, which all know different lay-outs. You can and extensive description here:

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Grand Lodgetent II-7

Lodge tent

The Grand Lodge tent is developed by ourselves, we are very proud of this! Do you want to go camping? With the real camping feeling of staying on a campsite in a tent? But do you want camping with all the luxury of a mobile home? Pick our Grand Lodge tent, a real glamping expierence. Our Grand Lodge tent has all the luxury one can imagine. The Grand Lodge tent has a bathroom, a toilet and running water. Enjoy a luxury holiday with all comfort while enjoying the natural environment and the freedom of camping.

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Safaritent Taupe

Safari tents

Our most fun glamping holidays are in a Safari tent! The atmospheric Safari tent is the best choice if you want to combine "the outdoors life" with comfort. The completely equipped and set-up safari tents are provided with comfortable beds, a kitchen with a fridge, seperated sleeping compartments and are usually built up on a wooden underfloor. Can you see yourself sitting on the terrace?

We offer different types of Safari tents, an extensive description can be found here:

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